ABC Touts Liberal Judge Shooting Down Trump’s Revised Travel Ban

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Late Wednesday evening, a federal judge in Hawaii put a temporary hold on the implementation of the White House’s revised travel ban. The development was celebrated by the left and championed by the liberal media. “There’s new fallout this evening after President Trump now faces his second defeat on his proposed travel ban. The revised ban blocked just hours before it took effect,” stated anchor David Muir during World News Tonight, Thursday evening.

“That order temporarily barring travelers from six Muslim-majority countries brought to a standstill by a judge in Hawaii,” touted White House correspondent Cecilia Vega, “Just hours before it was supposed to take effect.” She hyped up the judge’s decision as she read from his ruling:

And Judge Derrick Watson did not hold back from the bench, writing: ‘Any reasonable, objective observer would conclude as does the court that the stated secular purpose of the executive order is at the very least, secondary to a religious objective of temporarily suspending the entrance of Muslims.’ And he used the President's own words against him, like this statement from the campaign trail.

Vega then played a clip of Trump at a campaign rally where he declared that he was calling for a Muslim ban. That was followed up with a clip of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani saying that Trump wanted him to craft a Muslim ban that could withstand legal muster. 

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