ABC Spikes 'Dismal' 1.5% 2nd Quarter GDP, Instead Touts 'Giant Rally on Wall Street'

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CBS and NBC on Friday night aired full stories on the very weak 1.5 percent second quarter GDP rate, down from an anemic two percent in the first quarter, yet – incredibly – ABC’s World News, which had time to champion how First Lady Michelle Obama brought her “Let’s Move” campaign to London where she “indulged in some Olympic daydreaming,” didn’t consider newsworthy the bad news for President Obama.

Instead of relaying the bad news about Obama-nomics, fill-in World News anchor Josh Elliott trumpeted: “Now to your money and the giant rally on Wall Street. The Dow up nearly 200 points, closing above the all important 13,000 mark. Something that hasn't happened in nearly three months.”

Viewers were then treated to a full report on the plight of Facebook’s stock price: “But while the Dow spiked, one stock in particular, Facebook, was in free fall, down nearly 12 percent, a new low. Today’s nose dive another body blow to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg...”

Details in an MRC BiasAlert post.

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