ABC Reporter: Adolescent White House Is a 'Laughingstock in the Capitals of Europe'

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Following a recent foreign policy dust-up between the White House and Britain over unfounded allegations of spying, the liberal media took it upon themselves to speculate the future of the long standing relationship. And during ABC’s This Week the network’s chief foreign correspondent, Terry Morgan mocked the Trump administration and argued that all of Europe was laughing at the expense of the United States.

He got an agenda in the world which is disruptive, like his agenda at home. They want to come to terms with it,” Moran stated, as he noted that Trump was sent by the American people, “And they're ready to do business with him… Instead, it's like Yik-Yak, that high school social media app where people say: ‘I heard somebody said something about him, about her.’

And they're lost in the weeds of the adolescence out of Washington,” Moran then chided as Roland Martin declared “That’s right!” Speaking for European leaders, Moran went on to claimed that “Their primary feeling is not ‘we don’t like the President’s agenda. He’s president of the American people. We can't deal with this guy!’


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