ABC, NBC Vilify Trump’s Budget Cuts, Hurting the Poor and Cancer Research

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The Big Three networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) pulled out all the stops and sharpened their knives for their effort to tear into the White House’s budget proposal on Thursday. “President Trump has unveiled his first budget proposal covering all the things the federal government pays for and how he wants to spend the money,” announced anchor Lester Holt during NBC Nightly News, “There's a lot more money for the military but there are critics who say popular programs and the poor would pay the price.

It's the primary promise of the Trump presidency,” reporter Peter Alexander declared after Holt’s announcement. “A budget blueprint spending nearly $60 billion more on defense, Homeland Security and Veterans’ care offset by deep and in some cases unprecedented cuts,” he seemed to whine, “The State Department slashed by 29% targeting foreign aid. The environmental protection agency sliced by 31% including programs to combat climate change.

Alexander painted a grim picture for the future of scientific advancement. “And the National Institutes of Health budget trimmed by nearly $6 billion. Dr. Robert Clark said that would devastate his breast cancer research,” he warned without mentioning the fact there were plenty of private organizations conducting cancer research as well. He didn’t even entertain the possibility of the organization could receive funds from non-government organizations that fund such research, nor that there could be other non-necessary research projects whose budgets could fund the research. 


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