ABC Elevates Left-Wing Hit, Charges 'Limbaugh Hurls Racially-Charged Words at the First Lady'

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Picking up on a blog post by a far-left group devoted to silencing Rush Limbaugh, ABC’s World News on Monday night dedicated an entire story to one word used by the conservative radio host, a comment the other networks failed to find newsworthy. “Loaded words,” fill-in anchor Georgre Stephanopoulos ominously teased, “the First Lady booed at a NASCAR event. Now Rush Limbaugh weighs in, hurling a racially charged word at Michelle Obama.”

Soon, a “word” became “words” when Stephanopoulos later plugged the upcoming hit: “Still ahead on World News, Michelle Obama booed at a NASCAR event and now Rush Limbaugh hurls racially-charged words at the First Lady.” 

Noting how “boos and jeers were hurled at First Lady Michelle Obama and Doctor Jill Biden at the NASCAR race on Sunday,” Jake Tapper snidely asserted: “Don’t worry, NASCAR fans, Rush Limbaugh is here to defend your honor and make things worse....Much worse.” Viewers then heard the offending word from Limbaugh: “They understand it’s a little bit of uppity-ism.”

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Tapper helpfully explained: “Uppity, a word that means presumptuous, but is loaded with racist connotations often used to describe African-Americans who don’t know their place in the view of white society.”

Tapper found wise counsel in Clarence Thomas’s 1991 observation, turning his chastisement of liberals against Limbaugh: “It is the high-tech lynching for uppity blacks and it is the message that unless you kowtow to an old order this is what will happen to you.”

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