'Heckler': MSNBC Selectively Edits Video To Smear Gun Rights Supporters

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During a public hearing in Hartford on Monday, January 28th, Neil Heslin (father of a child murdered at the Sandy Hook Elementary School) spoke to Connecticut legislators. At one point, he asked gun rights supporters in the audience "Why anybody in this room needs to have an -- one of these assault-style weapons or military weapons?"

On Martin Bashir's program on MSNBC, the edit makes it appear that Mr. Heslin was arbitrarily interrupted by members of the audience instead of them responding to his question.

Martin Bashir later went on to say that Heslin was "interrupted by the cries of a heckler".

Heslin spoke for a total of fifteen minutes, twenty-nine seconds and the audience response to a direct question from him lasted for less than six seconds of his time.

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