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City Rising


<p><a href="…? It's just jaw-dropping! Vertigo-inducing pictures taken by rooftopper who wants to take photography to new heights
</strong></a></p><p>Incredible timelapse videography from Tom Ryaboi</p><p><em>When I started timelapse photography a year ago I thought it would be
something I could just jump right into and master, as I've been taking
stills for nearly a decade now. But I was quickly humbled by the medium
as I struggled to put together worthwhile footage after repeated early
attempts. This, I realized, was a whole other animal.</em><br /><em>Over and above
all the technical challenges — motion control gear, constantly changing
light, aperture flicker — shooting a timelapse forces you to look
inside: after setting up your shot, there's often not much you can do
for hours, but sit up there and ponder while the camera does it's thing.
The relationship between the cold glass, steel and concrete below
coupled with the often majestic clouds, sky and sun/moon never ceases to
be a source of wonder. And so the purpose of what you're doing becomes a
frequent question in your mind.</em><br /><em>With City Rising I wanted to bring
others up to this perspective, and from here, show them the city as they
have never seen it before — where the boundary between earth and sky is
unclear and the placid beauty of the city lays spread out below,
quietly humming along. City Rising takes the viewer straight through
rush hour traffic to the highest urban peaks and the clouds above it
all, all in under four minutes.</em><br /><em>Music- Hans Zimmer - Journey to the Line</em><br /><em></em><br /><em></em><br /><em></em></p>