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Libtalker Demands FBI Surveillance Of Conservatives


<p>MIKE MALLOY: Hey FBI, you don't have to surveil Wall Street, Occupy Wall Street, send one of those drones to hover around this creepy bastard uh Ted Nugent! But he's way down the list - he's - he's just a, you know, an ex-musician trying to get some publicity. Send your drones over Hannity's house and uh Rush Limbaugh's bunker and uh Glenn Beck's hidey-hole and uh Bill O'Reilly's studio. Um, set your drones up there with all those cameras and infrared sensors and stuff and see what you can pick up. Oh, and get some high-frequency listening devices, I think you would be very, very interested. I mean, if you're really interested in domestic terrorism, Oh, and don't forget Michelle Malkin, ol' crazy eyes, send something over to her house too. </p>