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Limbaugh: TIME's Stengel Admits 'Low-Information' 'Morons' Reelected Obama


<p><a href="… Named TIME Person of the Year Because He Symbolizes the New, Low-Information America
</strong></a></p><p>In announcing President Obama as TIME's "Person of the Year', managing editor Richard Stengel admitted on Today that, <em>"<strong><a>One of the things they </a></strong><a>(Obama campaign)</a><a><strong> found out is that there's about 15% of voters who actually don't care about politics.</strong> These are people we didn't know who were going to show up at the polls who actually like Barack Obama in the sense they feel like he's outside of politics. So I think <strong>using those people</strong>, using the coalition of the young voters, Hispanics, minorities, he's creating a new alignment and kind of a realignment like Ronald Reagan did 40 years ago."</a></em> </p>