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CNN's Lemon and Granderson Team Up to Bully Conservative


<p>CNN contributor and Blaze writer Will Cain appeared on the weekend edition of <em>CNN Newsroom </em>to discuss Mitt Romney's comments about President Obama using handouts to curry favor with voters. The discussion quickly shifted to an ambush when Cain refused to toe the media line that Romney is a terrible person for his comments. Both LZ Granderson and Don Lemon (who was supposed to be moderating the discussion) interrupted Cain immediately after he said he agreed with Romney's comments. After Lemon and Granderson bashed Cain and refused to let him get a word in, Lemon let Granderson lecture Cain for an extended period without interruption.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Note: According to Lemon, the exchange continued, but the rest wasn't broadcast.&nbsp;</p>