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The Schein: Someday Very Soon, Life's Little Twinkie Gauge Is Gonna Go Empty


<p>In the Hollywood film ‘Zombieland’ it was the zombie apocalypse that decimated the supply of Twinkies, in the real world, it was just the bakers union.</p><p>In one of my favorite scenes from "Zombieland" the character Tallahassee risks life and limb to enter a zombie-filled supermarket for the hope of snagging a Twinkie, “There’s a box of Twinkies in that grocery store, not just any box of Twinkies, the last box of Twinkies that anyone will enjoy in the whole universe. Believe it or not Twinkies have an expiration date."<br /><br />"Someday very soon, life's little Twinkie gauge is gonna go empty.”<br /><br />Life and limb may not be at risk, but there’s reportedly high priced internet bidding battles for Twinkies now that Hostess brands has announced it’s winding down operations, selling off it’s assets and laying off most of it’s 18,500 workforce.</p>