Obama Lies About Spending Record on 60 Minutes

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On 60 Minutes last night, President Obama claimed that the federal government has grown at the smallest pace since the Eisenhower Administration under his leadership. Unfortunately, analysis of federal spending numbers provided by the White House proves otherwise. I've attached my table of average federal spending as a percentage of GDP for Presidents Reagan through Obama.

Federal Spending as Percentage of GDP:

Obama: FY 2010-2012 (2012 is an estimate): 24.16%

W Bush: FY 2002-2009: 20.51%

Clinton: FY 1994-2001: 19.41%

HW Bush: FY 1990-1993: 21.93%

Reagan: FY 1982-1989: 22.28%

Carter: FY 1978-1981: 21.18%


In other words, Obama increased the average debt-to-GDP percentage by 3.5% from the Bush average. Even if he “inherited a mess” he’s turned things into a mess worthy of an episode of Hoarders.  Neither Reagan nor Bush increased the average as much as Obama has.  

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