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MSNBC Contributor Dyson: 'All Hate Ain't Equal'; 'Horrible' Americans Have 'Fomented... Hostility Toward Muslims'


Discussing the violent anti-American demonstrations erupting across the
Middle East outside U.S. embassies in Arab capitals, MSNBC contributor <a href="">Michael Eric Dyson</a> put a share of the blame on, well, "horrible" Americans.</p>
It was the "demonization of a predictable minority," in this case
Muslims, that was the spark that light the conflagration, Dyson argued.
"It's not as if, oh in America, we've resolved this with equanimity and
grace," he added, seeking to conflate isolated incidents of hate speech
against Muslims inside the United States with the violent response of
the Arab street to an obscure low-budget YouTube video.</p><p><br />Read more at <a href="…; target="_blank"></a></p><p>&nbsp;</p>