Gay Student Who Claimed Harassment Faked Hate Notes

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A student at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) who claimed anti-gay hate notes were slipped under her door admitted to police that she wrote them herself.

According to local WTNH News 8:

"Many on the CCSU campus are just stunned by the arrest of a gay student. Lexi Pennell told police she was the target of hate.

In March, she said someone had been slipping nasty, threatening notes under her dorm door in Beecher Hall, and writing them on her white board because she was gay.

"We received a couple of notes with derogatory notes on them that were directed toward our sexual orientation," Pennell said.

"Police say they placed hidden cameras in the dorm hallway and caught Pennell on the tape placing the notes under her own door. They say the whole thing was a lie."

The student capitalized on the stunt, even using it to speak at 'Stop the Hate' rallies.

(h/t Moonbat Tracker)

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