Reason poll: 67% think assault-weapons ban will have no impact on school shootings

The new Reason-Rupe poll presents pundits with a cornucopia of riches, and not just on the topic of guns.  The survey of general-population adults includes a broad range of topics, including the priorities of issues for Americans at the start of 2013.  It might surprise many in the media that gun control/gun violence is still only the top issue for just 3% of Americans, for instance, while 29% believe Barack Obama should be focused on the economy, 19% on jobs, and 13% on the federal budget deficit and spending issues.  (After today’s GDP number, those numbers may sharply rise, too.)

The big takeaways on guns, though, are that people don’t really want another assault-weapons ban and overwhelming don’t believe it would have made a difference in the recent shootings: