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5 Of America's 10 Richest Counties Have One Glaring Thing in Common


Five out of 10 of the richest counties in America all have something in common -- they're all located right around the nation's capital.

Forbes Magazine published a list of the top 10 wealthiest counties in the United States. And what do you know? The top three are all located in the Washington, D.C. metro area. What a strange coincidence! 

The top three wealthiest counties -- Loudoun, Falls Church, and Fairfax -- are all D.C. suburbs in Northern Virginia. Loudoun County residents are doing quite well for themselves, earning an average of $125,000 per household. That's over twice the national average of $51,939.

In Falls Church (a town counted as a county by the U.S. Census Bureau), the average household rakes in $122,092 every year. But here is an even more interesting statistic: almost a third of Falls Church residents work for the government. 

Two other Washington-area counties also made the list. Howard County, Maryland, which is located in between D.C. and Baltimore, comes in at #4. Citizens of Howard County make around $110,224 per household. And sitting all the way at #8, the average household in Arlington County, Virginia make around $104,354. 

No wonder it's so difficult to "drain the swamp!" 

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