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WH Press LOLs at Earnest’s Refusal to Admit Dems ‘Lost' - Or That Losing Is 'Bad'


The White House Press Corps burst out laughing at Josh Earnest’s weak attempts to “spin” the election loss at today’s press briefing.

“Would you say that Tuesday night was a big loss for Democrats?” asked American Urban Radio Networks reporter April Ryan.

“Well again, uh, in terms of the sort of punditry… analysis…” Earnest said haltingly.

“No it’s not punditry, it’s a real question. Because you guys spin it – and I understand why you’re spinning it; you acknowledged a win for…”

“There are lots of people who get paid a lot more money than I do who are responsible for offering up analysis and spinning the elections, and I’m not going to do that,” the White House spokesman added. “What I’m focused on here, and what everyone here is focused on, is figuring out what we can do to work with Republicans and move the country forward. And those are the lessons from the election and that’s what we’re here to focus on.”

“You said it was good for Republicans, so it’s bad for Democrats…” ABC News’ Jon Karl challenged.

“I know that is the mentality of Washington, D.C.,” Earnest sniped. “I also know that’s kind of mentality that voters aren’t very happy about.”

At that point the reporters became indignant. The AP’s Julie Pace remarked with disbelief, “But Josh, you lost seats.”

Ellen Ratner from Fox News asked, “You’re saying it could be good for Democrats?”

“Well, no, that’s not what I’m saying,” Earnest responded, and the room burst into laughter. “I’m saying I’m not going to pass judgment on the…”

Ratner: “You can say it’s good for Republicans, but you can’t pass judgment on whether it’s good or bad for Democrats?” and everyone laughed again.

“It’s fine, it is, it is,” said Earnest, trying desperately to spin the loss but finding himself spinning his wheels instead. “I’m certainly disappointed in the outcome of the elections, the President is too.”

“Alright,” groaned the reporters.

So the White House can officially be disappointed in the “outcome” of the election, but can’t voice the word “loss”? All those years of “participation awards” have done a number, haven’t they…


h/t: Mediaite