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Thousands of 110-Year Olds on North Carolina Voter Registry, Likely Not Due to Fraud.

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It would appear that a glitch in the North Carolina voter database and not voter registration fraud led to several thousand North Carolina voters who cast absentee ballots in 2010, being listed as 110-years old.

Earlier today, several blogs were promoting a study, released by Civitas Review Online, that showed numerous voters listed as being 110 years of age. MRCTV managed to track down several of the voters listed.  All of the voters we spoke to were living people whose adresses were listed correctly on the list of North Carolina residents who cast absentee balots in the 2010 election. None of them were 110 years of age.

According to Charlie Collicutt, deputy director of the Guilford County BOE, the problem stems from the fact that prior to 1960, those registering to vote were not asked to give their brithday and instead were only asked if they were over 18 years of age.  When local boards of election didn't have this piece of information for a voter they simply inserted the date January 1, 1900 as a default.  Thus, leading to an unusally high number of 110 year-olds casting ballots in 2010.