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Sarah Palin Just Took On Radical Islamic Terrorists Like No Other Politician Has Before


Say what you will about Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, but she knows how to deliver a strong message.

At the annual Conservative Political Action Conference this past week in Washington D.C., Palin addressed a packed crowd of conservatives on a variety of issues.  But it wasn't until she spoke on the Obama Administration's strategy to deal with Islamic terrorism, that Palin really hit her stride. 

This exerpt from Mad World News:

“We will never submit to evil,” she said. “We will confine radical Islam to the ash heap of history.”

“Just like the Nazis before them,” she added, before mocking the “naive” State Department for Marie Harf’s comments several weeks ago.

“They say we can’t kill our way out of war?” she asked. “Really?”

“Tell that to the Nazis,” she continued. “Oh wait, you can’t because they’re dead – we killed them.”