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'Republicans Turning The Clock Back To Days Of Jim Crow'



The Republican Party has desperately failed in refuting the claims that they are the party of racism. The controversy regarding Voter ID laws, that the left has even presented to the United Nations, is out of hand. 

Apparently, no matter how often historians and journalists review the history of the two parties, point out the fact that Democrats are the party of Jim Crow, that seceded from the Union and fought the Civil War to keep slavery, founded the the Ku Klux Klan, and have been consistently on the wrong side of civil rights, still the consensus amongst many Americans, reinforced by the mainstream media, is that the GOP is racist. 

Many of my friends, family, and people I went to school with, believe that the modern day KKK are Republicans and that 'the two parties have switched'. 

Now that America has elected the first non-white President, and he is liberal Democrat, branding conservatives racist is easier to do than ever before. Yet the Republican Party has a stellar record on Civil rights. 


The liberal establishment - DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Ca.), the NAACP – are succesfully lying about ‘Republicans are taking us back to the days of Jim Crow Law' and gone unchecked. Where is the Republican leadership across the board, simply stating ‘Democrats are the party of Jim Crow’ and how did this propaganda escalate to a global platform? 

What is more perplexing about the Democrat claims, that enforcing voter ID 'violates the human rights of racial minorities'. is  the implicit racist nature of their insinuation about black and hispanic people.

They must be suggesting that minorities are too stupid or ignorant to go to the DMV and get a state ID, or can't afford the twenty dollars or less to pay for one. How else to rationalize this reasoning? 

If Democrats are  bold enough to continuously say the Republicans are racist, they should be bold enough to back up their statements with some hard facts, or stop lying.