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Rep. King: If the Supreme Court Upholds 'Obamacare', Obama's Campaign Will "Sink Like a Rock"


Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) gave an address in which he says if President Obama's health care law is found unconstitutional, the message will be loud and clear he has pushed unconstitutional impositions. King believes if the Supreme Court upholds 'Obamacare', then Obama's campaign will "sink like a rock."

"If the Supreme Court throws out ObamaCare as unconstitutional, then the message will be sent that the President has pushed unconstitutional impositions on the American people, rejected by the Supreme Court," said King."If the Supreme Court instead upholds ObamaCare, which I don't expect, then the voters will understand the only recourse they have is to vote Barrack Obama out of office and elect a President who will sign the repeal of ObamaCare. And if 66% of a union heavy turnout in Ohio embraced the rejection of ObamaCare, I think President Obama's campaign will sink like a rock."