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Pro-Trump Protestors Interrupt Controversial Production of Julius Caesar


Bill Shakespeare never had these scenes in mind when he wrote his "Julius Caesar."

This past weekend, pro-President Trump protestors interrupted a controversial production of the play in Central Park which features a Trump-esque Caesar. Obviously to the Shakespeare-buff, the controversy comes from the stabbing of the Roman emperor that takes place in the play.

The first interruption came from Laura Loomer, who posted a video of herself charging the stage on social media. She yelled, "Stop the normalization of violence against the right!" 

Police rushed to the stage. "You guys are just as bad as ISIS," she shouted after being escorted out. "Because of liberal violence like this, a congressman this week was shot in Virginia." Loomer was referring to the shooting of Republican congressmen at a baseball field in Alexandria this past week, which left Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) seriously injured. 

Loomer was charged with trespassing. Then, on Sunday, another group of pro-Trump interrupters sprang into action. 

Two men in their twenties, Javannie Valle and Salvatore Cipolla, rushed the stage, yelling, "Stop leftist violence!" and "New York Public Theater is ISIS!" 

After these demonstrations, in addition to many threats being called in, the production of "Julius Caesar" had its last day on Sunday

The play and subsequent protests have sparked debate on artistic expression and even protest tactics on the right. Some conservatives say this type of protest is a tool of leftist social justice warriors that should be avoided by those on the right.

Others argue that the role of Julius Caesar has been performed in the likeness of several past presidents including Barack Obama and, therefore, the Public Theater's production should not be seen as a direct threat to President Trump.

Presidents portrayed as Julius Caesar in U.S. productions: Lincoln, Reagan, Clinton, GWB, Obama, Trump. (Caesar died in all of them.)

— Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) June 12, 2017

Breitbart News, however, dubbed the assumption "assassination porn," akin to comedian Kathy Griffin's grim beheading stunt. 

Perhaps old Shakespeare wishes he had written this play on the evils of conspiracy and assassination with some more guidelines.

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