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Pelosi Says She's ‘Spiritually, Religiously’ Opposed To the Border Wall


While speaking at a press briefing on Thursday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she is “spiritually, religiously” opposed to a border wall. She also called proponents of the wall “fear-mongers” and “notion-mongers.”

During her press briefing, Pelosi was asking about funding for a prospective wall along the Mexico-U.S. border. Pelosi said she is “spiritually, religiously, personally” opposed to the wall:

And the wall? Well, I think the wall is… How can I say this? I am, from a substance standpoint, I am politically, substantively, officially, spiritually, religiously, personally opposed to the wall. I think it—where’s the money going to come from?

Pelosi explained she believes concept of a wall “really undermines who we are as a country.” She added that the funding from the wall might potentially come from education, including post-grad education, which Pelosi claims adds money to the Treasury:

First of all, it really undermines who are as a country. But apart from that, it is—where’s the money going to come from? Is it going to come from education? Nothing brings more money to the Treasury than investing in education, early childhood K through 12, high-ed, post-grad, lifetime learning. That’s what brings money to the Treasury. A wall does not bring money to the Treasury. Where is that money coming from? You think Mexico’s going to pay for it? And even if they did, again, it undermines who we are as a country.

Pelosi claimed she views parts of the country as “a community with a border running through it,” so a border wall “doesn’t make sense”:

I spoke to the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce yesterday and said, ‘You know, we see our country in that part of America as a community with a border running through it.’ In some places, we have to protect our borders. That’s our right to secure our borders. But to do so with a wall doesn’t make sense. If they want to invest in more personnel, more technology, or something like that, that might make sense. But a wall?

Pelosi ended her statement opposing the border wall by calling those who support the wall “fear-mongers” and “notion-mongers.” According to Pelosi, the prospect of a wall wall “doesn’t even rise to the level of an idea”:

It’s… You know, let’s make a distinction just for future reference as we come together. These people are fear—the wall is, represents these two things: they’re fear-mongers, so that’s why they’re doing the wall, and they’re notion-mongers. That doesn’t even rise to the level of an idea. It’s a notion. So it feeds into their fear-mongering and their notion-mongering but with no real idea about how to define the purpose, know what they’re talking about, have a plan of action, and attract support for it. So I think it’s a bad notion.



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