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Pelosi: ‘For A Better Future For Our Country’ –Release Trump’s Tax Returns


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has always seemed a little off her rocker. Whether it’s her tales of speaking to ghosts or her belief that the spirit of Ted Kennedy is working his will on the Supreme Court, her judgment seems questionable most of the time.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that Pelosi was in California on Saturday where she surrounded herself with a giant, inflatable chicken with a golden head of hair to demand that Donald Trump release his taxes “for a better future for our country.”

Yes. Pelosi believes Trump’s tax returns being released is necessary for a better future for America.



She wasn’t clear on how the release of his taxes would achieve this. I guess America has had a bleak future throughout the many years his tax returns weren’t public. Pelosi has only been in office since 1993, so she’s just now getting around to addressing the issue of "a better future."

“You are very special people to turn out on Saturday afternoon when you could be doing so many things, but you come out and speak out for a better future for our country. By speaking out for justice, truth and doing what is right,” Pelosi tells the crowd in San Francisco.

“And what is right is that Donald Trump should release his tax return.”

Click here to watch the full video from YouTube user Music Motivated.

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