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Oakland Occupiers Charged With Theft, Hate Crimes


Three Occupy Oakland protesters were arrested charged with hate crime after they allegedly battered a California woman, stole her wallet and made anti-gay remarks, both are felonies,the Oakland Tribune reported Saturday.

The incident took place when an unnamed 42-year-old woman decided to ask Occupiers not to riot in her neighborhood, according to an Oakland Police Department statement.

After she voiced her opinion "she was surrounded by three protesters and battered as they yelled vulgar epithets regarding their perception of her sexual orientation," the statement said, adding her wallet was stolen during the brawl.

This incident is one of many assaults and crimes Occupy has engaged in. Before the Occupy protesters were evicted from Wall Street, enjoying their slumber with the NYC rats, they were allegedly raping and sexually harassing women.

Occupy protesters were also threw a smoke bomb over the fence of the White House Fence in January. Could it have been because the Occupiers are racist mad at the fact there is a 'black man in the white house'? No. Only the "get N-word out of the white house'Tea Party would do something like that.

Remember, Occupy are "mostly peaceful" protesters simply exercising their First Amendment rights while Tea Partiers pose a threat to the very fabric of our democracy.

Imagine if the Tea Party protesters were convicted of these crimes; all hell would break lose. Even people who are completely politically unengaged would be fuming with outrage as the mainstream media would run these stories ad infinitum, yet the crimes of the occupy barely make national headlines. If a 'tea bagger' threw a smoke bomb towards the White House it would be national news at least a week or more.

Meanwhile, former President Jimmy Carter who previously trashed the Tea Party, calling them tools of the rich spoke at a panel at Duke University last Wednesday and praised Occupy, saying that it a "relatively successful movement."


The left has successfully branded the Tea Party as a bunch of 'redneck racists' who are only upset because of Obama's skin color, rather than the unprecedented and astronomical government spending and expansion

Liberals got away with calling members of the Tea Party 'Tea Baggers' for three years since they first organized 2009. What is a tea bagger any way? According to urbandictionary: a tea bagger is someone who rests their testicles on anotherperson's face, while they are asleep/passed out.

Remember when US Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano issued a statement  in 2009  warning law enforcement officials about a rise in "right-wing extremist activity," and raised the Homeland Security Advisory System threat level to "YELLOW". She categorized tea party goers as potential "Timothy McVeigh types" and potential domestic terrorist threats. Napolitano claims returning veterans are targets of right wing extremist groups and said  the economic recession, the election of America's first black president and the return of a few disgruntled war veterans could sell the ranks of white-power militias.

Yet there has not been no evidence and not one cited incidence where any of these right-wing groups have done anything. The Tea Partiers have generally proven to be peaceful, civil, have been exceptionally well behaved and respectful of local laws and city ordinances where they have rallied. Can't say the same about the Occupy thugs who are given sympathy and understanding by Hollywood, the Liberal media and the Democratic Establishment.