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Louis Farrakhan on Obama: 'That's a Murderer in the White House'


In what must be the most vicious attack from the far left on President Obama up to this point Louis Farrakhan labeled him an assassin and murderer. Farrakhan's comments came at the radical American Clergy Leadership Conference on May 28th. This may not be the worst sign for Obama but it can't be a good one: (h/t Fox Nation)

Clearly these kinds of unhinged statements are par for the course when it comes to Louis Farrakhan. However, they aren't usually directed towards Barack Obama and that should be noted as a serious shift. You can lose the far left nuts without losing anybody else but when they turn this blatantly against you you might start to worry about everybody else too.

However, regardless of the political implications, this is exactly the kind of absurd rhetoric that keeps Farrakhan and the nut bags that cheer for him relegated to the "crazy people nobody takes seriously" section of society.

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