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Feminist Writer: ‘I’m Done Pretending Men are Safe (Even My Sons)’


Feminist writer Jody Allard doesn’t think men are safe - including her sons.

Allard makes this observation in a new essay on the webpage rolereboot. Last year Allard wrote a piece in the Washington Post that went viral detailing how her sons “are part of the problem” of “rape culture” because they deny it exists.

Allard is now foreswearing men entirely:

I know I’m not supposed to cast an entire sex with a single paint brush — not all men, I’m sure some readers are thinking and preparing to type or tweet. But if it’s impossible for a white person to grow up without adopting racist ideas, simply because of the environment in which they live, how can I expect men not to subconsciously absorb at least some degree of sexism? White people aren’t safe, and men aren’t safe, no matter how much I’d like to assure myself that these things aren’t true.

My sons won’t rape unconscious women behind a dumpster, and neither will most of the progressive men I know. But what all of these men share in common, even my sons, is a relentless questioning and disbelief of the female experience. I do not want to prove my pain, or provide enough evidence to convince anyone that my trauma is merited. I’m through wasting my time on people who are more interested in ideas than feelings, and I’m through pretending these people, these men, are safe.

Allard reveals that she, a single mother, recently joined Bumble because she’s “starved for adult conversation so dating feels like a necessary evil.” She describes Bumble, as “the feminist Tinder.” Still, she was disappointed: “feminist or not, the men are no different from the men anywhere else and I quickly felt deflated. If the feminist men — the men who proudly declare their progressive politics and their fight for quality — aren’t safe, then what man is? No man, I fear.”

How strange that Allard remains alone.

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