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Elementary School Children Sing Occupy Songs


Kids will be kids, right?

Eight-year-olds are now singing "I'm so happy to be part of the 99" in their elementary school - lyrics the children supposedly wrote themselves.

The children performed the song in October at Woodbrook Elementary School through Kid Pan Alley. Kid Pan Alley encourages elementary school children to become creators through songwriting. Supporting the organization, school representatives claim, "it is a benefit to the students and the school system."

Despite nationwide complaints over the "pro-Occupy" song, Steve Koleszar, the Albemarle County School Board Chair, states that Kid Pan Alley does not "censor what the kids write," and that these lyrics were "out of the kids' own mouths." Kid Pan Alley's mission concurs that the students discover the topic, although it also states "we guide the students through the songwriting process."

Carole Thorpe, the Jefferson Area Tea Party Chair, questions the school limits, and debates, "Does this also include religious content of lyrics? Would it include profanity? Does the school at any point say this content is inappropriate for an eight-year-old?"

Another question might be what is the children's source of inspiration - who is telling them they are part of the 99%?

Let kids be kids, while they still can. 


UPDATE: Kid Pan Alley takes responsibility for Occupy song lyrics here.