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Dumb Liberal Memes of the Week



So the big story last week was Chick-fil-A and a ton of memes were produced by both sides.  Any time the issue is gay marriage, all of the liberals come out of the woodwork.  This is primarily due to the fact that unlike economics and other complicated political matters, gay marriage is easy to understand.  It also lends itself well to performance art and glitter which are two of the left's favorite things. 

Of all the anti-Chick-fil-A memes, this one was by the far the most popular among liberals.

First of all, it's important to remember that Chick-fil-A appreciation day didn't just happen in response to the left's outrage over the franchise's owner's anti-gay marriage stance.  The catalyst for it was when several liberal, big city mayors told Chick-fil-A that the restaurant was not welcome in their cities.  So while many of the people who showed up to buy waffle fries last Wednesday, may indeed have been opposed to same sex marriage, they were really there to support that crazy idea that the government can't punish businesses simply because of the political opinions of its owner.  Novel concept, I know. 

Of course that narrative is very inconvenient for the left who MUST have gay marriage be the primary  issue so that it can accuse every single person who patronized Chick-fil-A on Wednesday as being full of not just spicy chicken sandwiches, but also "hate."

Obviously what the pro gay marriage folks were trying to convey  with this meme is that the people who stood in long lines to buy chicken were equivalent to people who were opposed to race-mixing in the civil rights era.  You know? Like Hitler.

But let's be honest?  Is there any thing on the progressive wish list that liberals DON'T equate to the civil rights era?   I mean, why wouldn't they.  it was the last positive thing that progressives were involved in this country. Health care is a "civil rights issue."  Abortion is a "Women's rights" issue.  If a meteor was hurtling towards suburban Wisconsin, Al Sharpton would be there with a blow horn  saying that the meteor was not going to land on a sufficient number of women and minorities.

The people  in line are carrying no signs that allude to their political perspective.  No one is burning rainbow flags and Barbara Streisand records in the Chick-fil-A parking lot.  So 40 years from now, whether Same-sex marriage is the law of the land or not, coming generations will see that picture and say "Wow! That chicken place must have been really good!  Too bad they were all banned by President Rham Emanuel. Oh, by the way. Did you guys hear? The then national murder rate is up by 1 million percent this year?"

On the Debbie Wasserman Schultz scale of meme-Idiocy this meme gets 2 Wassermans

Are you a really, really dumb guy?  If so, you're going to love this meme:

Here's the message.  Romney is super rich and does nothing but party with hot blonde chicks on jet skis. (Because jet skiing is well known as a favorite pastime of the super rich) Romney just doesn't understand how bad things are with the economy.  Not like President Obama.  He's giving out free hugs in Ohio!  What a guy!

Do we really need to go into all the golf that Barack Obama has played during his presidency? When was the last time the president met with his jobs council, again?  Six months ago?

If he had met with them more often, maybe that lady from Ohio wouldn't be so sad. 
Based on the juxtaposition, the message that is being sent is that things are still really bad in American and Romney is just too out of touch to understand what people are going through.  Of course this meme would make a hell of a lot more sense if Mitt Romney had been president for the last 4 years.  It might also help if you could see Obama's face.  I'm sure he's saying something to the crying woman.  Something like, "I'm so sorry.  I thought I'd be much better at this job."

This meme is so blatantly deceptive that the only way you could top it is if you inferred that by going to Sandusky, Ohio that Obama was supporting child predators. 

4 Wassermans for this one and 1 Kenny powers simply to show what kind of people typically like Jet Skis.


This person had a smart idea.  She didn't show her face. Although, I'm going to go ahead and guess that it's Valerie Jarrett. Also the writing's too small.  I hurt my eyes reading the tiny Obama approved talking points. 

0 Wassermans But one Barney Frank for the well done rainbow color scheme.

Finally, here's one you've probably seen before:

At first glance, there is nothing political about this meme.  It's just a depiction of mankind's evolutionary progression with modern man telling the cave men to turn around due to the fact that human beings have screwed up the planet.

Of course, when you think about it, this meme exposes one of the primary tenets of modern liberalism.  That man is a burden on the planet.  It's a humorous way of saying that  mankind itself is a blight on what was otherwise a pristine and inherently "good" planet, prior to his arrival.

First, there are obvious environmental implications here.  The environmental movement has made its' life's work attempting to crush the use of various forms of technology.  Whether it's the way we fuel our cars, the way we generate our electricity, how we dispose of our refuse or the ways we grow food, enviros, think it's bad and believe man actions are having an incredibly destructive impact on the Earth.  Not just, "destructive" like 'uh oh the water levels are eroding the beach and now I have to move my towel back three feet' "destructive."  But, 'oh no we're all gonna' die, let's go back to living in the mountains and don't forget to pack the bong collection' "destructive."  (Bong technology is something that the environmental movement has widely embraced despite the emissions issues.)

But there are also social implications that get to the very heart of what Liberalism is.  Progressives genuinely think that mankind is inherently dumb and that it needs progressive thinkers' to keep all of us backwoods, free-marketeers from ruining mankind's chances of achieving utopia.  The good news is that this meme is an indication that they realize that they are failing.

Of course the meme would make perfect sense if it looked like this.

I give this one 3 Wassermans.

That's all for this week.  More liberal memes are on the way, next week.

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