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CAIR: "Islam Stands For Social Justice. First and Foremost."


Friday morning, at the Occupy Wall Street Rally in Zuccotti Park, MRCTV came across a couple of young women representing the Muslim group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations).

Their presence was no surprise considering that all OWS really is, is a stage from which liberals can promote their pet causes under the guise of a unified movement.

When we asked the young ladies why they had come to the rally, one of them said that it was to stand in solidarity with the protesters because “Islam stands for social justice, first and foremost.”

Now, regardless of what your definition of “social justice” is, this warrants examination.

If, like most modern liberals, you define social justice as the obligation of the government to equalize the economic standing of nation’s citizens, then the economic standing of much of the Islamic world shows us that Islam stands for no such thing.

If, by “social justice” one is referring to a society where all citizens are treated equally regardless of gender, religion and nationality, then the Islamic world is a shining example of how NOT to achieve this goal.

So depending on which definition you subscribe to, according to CAIR, Islam “stands for” either socialism or many of it’s followers have a tremendously warped sense of what actually passes for “justice” in modern society.