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Bozell: ‘Trump Shouldn’t Conduct Any More Press Conferences’ Until Media Shape Up

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Commenting on the media’s eagerness to promote and tolerate fake news such as a baseless, salacious anti-Trump Buzzfeed article, Media Research Center (MRC) Pres. Brent Bozell said President-elect Donald Trump should just stop holding press events – until media start playing fair.

Media have a responsibility to publicly rebuke fake news like Buzzfeed’s, because that type of false journalism has caused their ratings to plummet:

“Buzzfeed’s story is clearly fake news. Any media outlet that does not produce a news story that declares Buzzfeed’s story fake news is giving aid and comfort to fake news and furthering its proliferation.

“This fiasco is exactly why the media’s ratings are in the toilet. It’s exactly why Donald Trump said the election was rigged and it’s also why Donald Trump hasn’t done many press conferences.”

Buzzfeed should stick to fluff, if it won’t behave ethically – and Trump should shun the media if they’re determined to use fake news to smear him - Bozell concluded:

“Buzzfeed should stick to cat gifs for the foreseeable future until they figure out how to do journalism.

“And President-elect Trump shouldn't conduct any more press conferences unless and until the 'news' media start treating him fairly.”

See Bozell's full statement on Newsbusters.

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