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Body Positivity Backfire: Woman Ends Dream of Being World’s Fattest To Save Her Baby


A 28-year-old Texas woman by the name of Monica Riley made headlines in 2016 for trying to be the world’s fattest woman. Being fed through a funnel by her enabler boyfriend, Riley seemed on track to hitting the record, but due to the strain placed on her pregnancy from her massive weight, she is deciding to throw in the towel.

Before all of the media attention, Riley was a fetish cam model who would eat large amounts of food in lingerie for payment online. With the help of her boyfriend, Sid Riley, she would consume more than 10,000 daily calories and be fed 3,500 calorie shakes through a funnel.

Riley set a goal of hitting 1,000 pounds and said, “The plan is to reach 1,000lbs and become immobile. I would feel like a queen because Sid would be waiting me hand and foot and he’s excited about it too.”.

According to The Sun, Riley’s obesity was lifelong issue and only embraced her weight about two years ago after pulling out of a weight-loss operation and meeting her boyfriend who encouraged her habits. Originally, the fetish model claimed she would have a baby despite her weight-gain plans claiming, “We do plan to have children - there’s nothing to stop me raising a child from my bedroom.”...”We would get a nanny in to help around the house and take the baby out and about.”.

Riley’s mother urged against the move but it wasn’t until two miscarriages and a third upcoming pregnancy that she decided that changes to her dangerous lifestyle. Since making the change, she has lost over 201 pounds bringing her weight to 499 from the original 700. Her stance on raising her child has changed as well.

Mirror reported her recent thoughts about the pregnancy and she said, “I want to be able to be active with my child. I want to be able to get up with him or her and be involved in every way. You can’t do that if you’re immobile.” She also lamented her decisions, admitting, “I feel guilty for having the miscarriage and knowing that I could have changed the things that I ate.”...”I have been told all my life that I needed to lose weight and after a while it sort of loses its urgency. I thought everything would be fine.”

Riley will continue to lose the weight needed to have a safe pregnancy consuming 2,000 calories a day as reported by Chron.

This story should be noted for all of those encouraging dangerous eating behavior in the “body positivity movement.” Unfortunately, two lives had to be lost for this woman to get her act together and although loving the person you are is a great thing, there should be a line drawn when your actions threaten your life as well as others.  

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