BET Founder: Obama Isn't the Right Person to End the 'Zero-Sum Game' Towards the U.S. Economy

Last week, Robert L. Johnson, BET founder and chairman of RLJ, appeared on CBS to talk about the countries growing debt problem and said President Obama is not the right person to end the 'zero-sum game' towards the U.S. economy.

Johnson states, “Unfortunately now I don't think we have the leadership either in the White House or the Congress to end what I call a zero-sum game mentality towards the U.S. economy.  And until both parties agree that the goal is to rebuild the American economy to reflect the 21st century on a global environment—we're going to be stuck.  And it's a little bit frightening from the standpoint of a business person and particularly an African-American business person.”

(h/t Fox Nation)

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