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Anti-Trumpers Hold 'A Day Without Immigrants' and Disrupt Normal People's Lives


Never tiring of endless protests and pointless ranting, anti-Trump activists and business owners are observing a “Day Without Immigrants,” closing down restaurants, family-owned shops and even boycotting schools to protest President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

NBC Washington reports Andy Shallal, an Iraqi immigrant himself, said all six locations of his Washington, D.C. restaurant “Busboys and Poets” will be closed in observance of the protest. Shallal added he’s allowing all 600 of his employees to “use a vacation day,” the report states, explaining the owner “said he needed to be involved.”

So a restaurant owner closes his shops for a day, and hundreds of his employees are forced to burn vacation time to accommodate it. How generous of him.

NBC4’s Chris Lawrence said he’d booked a reservation weeks ago to celebrate his wife’s birthday Thursday at Busboys and Poets, but said the restaurant called him Wednesday night to tell him the kitchen would be closed.

John Andrade’s restaurants, including Brookland Pint, Meridian Pint and Smoke & Barrel, will be closed – kind of. The bar will apparently remain open. After all, bills don’t pay themselves, protest or no.

Famed chef José Andrés also announced his three Washington, D.C. restaurants will be closed Thursday – including his exclusive eatery Minibar, which carries a hefty price tag of between $275 and $565 per person, depending on your alcohol preference. Bummer for the four people who made those reservations.

Similar protests are being held in cities across the country, including Philadelphia, Denver and pretty much every dot on a California map. The protest also calls for immigrant staff members to not show up to work and for immigrant families to keep their kids out of school for a day.

Of course, the protest’s official description doesn’t make a distinction between legal immigrants, who abided by U.S. immigration law and with whom no one really has a problem, and illegal aliens, who have no lawful claim to living in the United States.

I'm pretty sure the protest won’t mess up President Trump’s dinner plans – just the goings-about of everyday citizens who want to do things like celebrate their wife’s birthday.

No wonder people are getting pretty tired of their lives being interrupted by snowflakes’ temper-tantrums.