The 12 Most Hypocritical Environmentalists in Hollywood

The media is constantly praising celebrities and using them to help promote their own agenda on climate change. We decided to take a look at some celebrities that are constantly preaching to us about climate change to see if they really practice what they preach. Via MRC's new report.


1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most vocal climate change alarmists out there. DiCaprio created a climate change documentary called, The 11th Hour. He was also awarded the “UN Messenger of Peace with a special focus on climate change.” However, Leonardo has two adjoining properties in the Hollywood Hills, a mansion in Palm Springs, CA, two apartments in Battery Park City, NY, and an apartment in Greenwich Village, NY. In 2014, for the World Cup in Brazil he stayed on a 470 foot yacht owned by a Middle East oil billionaire.


2. Woody Harrelson

Well known celebrity environmentalist Woody Harrelson talks about wanting to “never use trees to make paper because it’s just a barbaric way to make it.” He does own a eco-friendly home in Maui however, it requires him to fly to the mainland several times a year for work along with climate activism events he attends. While at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008, he had left his vegan belt and shoes back home. So he had them flown from France to California.


3. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts seems to think that she is an expert on climate science and has even done a PSA for Conversation International where she declares “that nature has ‘fed species greater’ than humans and has ‘starved Species greater’ than humans.”  Roberts owns at least part of private jet and is seen boarding private jets with her family.


4. James Cameron

Entertainment Weekly had commented that the movie Avatar was “the perfect eco-terrorism recruiting tool to which James Cameron replied “Good, good. I like that one. I consider that a positive review. I believe in eco-terrorism.” He also has warned that “future generations were going to be left with a world that’s in shambles because of climate change.”  James Cameron owns motorcycles, cars, dirt bikes, a yacht, a helicopter, a fleet of submarines (including one that cost 32 million dollars) and a Humvee fire truck. In 2010 he also owned three houses in Southern California which “each have heated swimming pools,” but do not have “a single energy-saving solar panel or windmill.”


5. Al Gore

Al Gore is probably one of the most famous climate change activists out there. However, Al Gore sold his Current TV network to Al Jazeera which is partly owned by the Qatari royal family for $500 million dollars. The Qatari’s economy is based solely on oil. Gore also has “Live Earth” concerts which is supposed to raise awareness for climate change but “his concert in 2007 managed to produce as much carbon emissions as 3,000 residents of the U.K. would produce in a year.” Gore also jet sets around the world for his speaking tours.


6. Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington has committed a whole section of her Huffington Post website to environmentalism and climate change.  She condemned SUV owners for “supporting terrorism” in 2003. She however, flies herself on a private jet. She also attends the annual World Economic Forum in Switzerland where they discuss taking action on climate change. An estimated 1,700 private jets flew to Switzerland so people could attend this conference.


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