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YouTube Threatens to Remove Live Action Video


This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows the political leanings of youtube and its past of banning conservative videos. Here are the details from LifeNews:

The popular video sharing web site YouTube is threatening to censor a new video that exposes how a Planned Parenthood center in New jersey aided and assisted actors in an undercover investigation with sexual trafficking of minors. The video has received national attention and more than 230,000 plays at YouTube but the video site claims a “privacy violation” occurred and is demanding that Live Action, the pro-life group that conducted the sting operation, take it down. The group also released a second videoshowing more sex trafficking coverup at a Virginia Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.
All of the video put out by Live Action on their Planned Parenthood stings are up on Eyeblast right now including the video youtube is threatening to pull off their site. You can see them below:

The first sting:

The full raw video from the first sting:

The second sting: