James Carvilles "40 More Years: How The Democrats Will Rule The Next Generation" Now On Sale For...A Penny

You can't make this stuff up. Thanks to my friend FirstTeamTommy on Twitter I came across this absolute gem. On Buy.com, James Carville's book 40 More Years: How The Democrats Will Rule The Next Generation is now marked down from $24.00 to $23.99, costing you $0.01 - that's a savings of $23.99. The shipping actually costs a lot more than the book itself, $3.99. This is completely ironic as members of the 112th Congress were sworn in today, coming after a Republican tidal wave back in November. The Democrats have controlled congress since 2006, totaling 4 years. That makes Carville's prediction just 36 years off target. Not bad for a nationally known political consultant. (Click on the image to enlarge)

I don't know if this is more hilarious, or embarrassing...
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