New Jersey Teachers Unions Will Stand Behind Child Molesting Teachers

James O'Keefe's Project Veritas is back with more hidden videos of New Jersey teachers unions. This time what the videos reveal is far more damaging than the previous release. This time the question of whether teachers unions will fight on behalf of their members who abuse the kids they're supposed to be teaching is answered definitively . (h/t

Unfortunately I think Project Veritas focuses on the less important revelations. Are the union members incredibly disrespectful and venomous towards Chris Christie? Sure. Do they let it be known that its still basically impossible to fire a tenured union teacher? Absolutely.

However, everybody paying attention to New Jersey education lately already knows this. The far more important revelation is that the New Jersey teachers unions are inclined to battle on behalf of a teacher who is "kiddie fiddling". Plus they seem to even afford the child molesting teacher ways to cover up his, thankfully made up, attacks on children. How horrifying is that?

Project Veritas has a tendency to use a lot of snark in their productions. Its their style. They think its effective and it certainly is to some extent. But I think it takes away from the goal of exposing corruption ultimately.

Large parts of the main stream media are going to disregard anything coming from conservatives no matter how the material is presented. That is a given. However, cutting news worthy video that can speak for itself in a way that is newsworthy and speaks for itself will aid in getting that video out to a wider audience. And, after all, spreading the truth about teacher union corruption should be the ultimate goal here.

Regardless, this video reveals some incredibly disturbing truths about teachers unions which cannot be ignored by anyone who cares about kids and the future of this country.

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