Eyeblast Hits The Street: Reactions To Ridiculous Projects Packed Into The Stimulus Bill

Yesterday, Stephen Gutowski and I (Joe Schoffstall) hit the streets in Alexandria, VA to talk to some people about their thoughts on whether some little-known programs that were jam-packed into the $787 billion stimulus package passed by the Obama Administration actually were intended to better the economy. The absurdities include: $3.4 million for a turtle tunnel in Tallahassee, FL. A total of 22 bathrooms in Mark Twain National forest that carried a price tag of $21,000 each ($462,000 total). A genital-washing program in Africa that ran the taxpayers $800,000. Fifty-five thousand ($55,000) in Wichita, Kansas to spay and neuter pets. A total of $356,000 to research how children understand and perceive foreign accents. A whopping $550,000 for a skate park in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. And finally, a bridge connecting two Microsoft campuses costing $11 million (like Microsoft can't afford that themselves). As the unemployment rate sits at 9.6%, here is what people thought about the 'economy-stimulating' and 'job creating' projects:

Of course, this is not all of the ridiculous spending that was crammed into the stimulus bill. Other projects include $1.9 million used to photograph ants in foreign countries and $144,000 spent to study the behavior of monkeys on cocaine. According to CBS News:

Obama Administration economists say all the projects have valid goals, and the Recovery Act has put three million people back to work.
Right. In January of this year, it was predicted  that 2.7 million jobs were lost nearly 11 months after it's passage. As the year went on, government jobs expanded, but were largely a result of the temporary hiring of employees by the Census Bureau. Those jobs are now gone.

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