Past Videos Of Discovery Building Hostage Taker James Jay Lee

According to Lee's website, this is a video of the hostage taker, James Jay Lee, throwing money in the air in Silver Springs, MD. The YouTube video is dated as March 3, 2010. The person who shot this video wrote:
While walking to get lunch while on my break from work, I looked around to see a mob of people flocking back and forth from one area of the downtown Silver Spring area to the next. As I walked more, I saw money being thrown up into the air..! To this day, I still don't know what exactly happened, so hopefully with this video being online, I can find out! Update: The man in this video who was throwing money is also the gunman of the recent (Happening as I update this) shooting and hostage situation at the Discovery Building in downtown Silver Spring, MD. Quite crazy!

Thanks to Verum Serum, here is another video of a title sequence he created for his proposed Discovery channel show.

UPDATE: Here are some of the crazy online ramblings of James Jay Lee.