Liberals Decry Black Conservatives At Beck's Restoring Honor Rally; "Christianity Is A White Man's Religion"

At Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' rally this past Saturday in Washington, D.C, a group of black Conservatives were approached by liberals who think they know best what African Americans should do and think. One says "What happened to your African religion? You're supposed to be Muslim." Then, one of the tolerant liberals drops a word-bomb with a splash of racism, "Christianity is a white man's religion." Leave it to the sheeple debating these guys who believe everything they are told as the absolute truth. For buying into political correctness in history, they sure don't hold PC highly while claiming that Christianity is a white mans religion. Double standard much? By the way, where was the racism from the 'crazy right-wing fringe extremists that don't represent a majority of America'' crowd at Beck's rally? That's right. There wasn't any.

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