Chris Coons: I Will Support Harry Reid And The Obama Agenda

Chris Coons, the highly under-covered candidate for Senate in Delaware who is running against Christine O' Donnell, is caught saying here that he would vote for Harry Reid and rubberstamp the Obama Agenda. "As a Senator, his first vote would be for Mitch McConnell to lead the United States Senate. I don't think that's in Delaware's best interests, and I don't think that's in our best interest. My first vote would be for Harry Reid to be the leader, and to support, in general, the administration's agenda" Coons says.

Great, exactly the change that people are looking for.

UPDATE: Here's another clip of Coons, yet again, reaffirming his support of Obama administration policies.

"I'm someone who would broadly support the agenda of our president. We disagree on a few things, like drilling. But in general, I think that we need more folks in the Senate of the United States who are willing to vote. Willing to vote, for example, to confirm a Supreme Court nominee, someone who respects precedent, who follows the values that Justice John Paul Stevens brought to his deliberations on important issues of the day. Somebody who is willing to work in responsible partnership with an administration that I think made the right choice on health care, on the stimulus, on the jobs bill."