Ground Zero Mosque Supporter: "Get Over" 9/11

At 51 Park Place in New York City--the proposed Ground Zero mosque location-- was interviewing people on the street when an American Muslim supporter of the mosque said to "get over" 9/11 and that despite Manhattan having over 200 mosques, they need to keep the location of the mosque "right here." "God d****it, my wife is Jewish. Come on you guys, get over it", the man said in regards to 9/11 after trying to draw an analogy using the Vietnam War. Right after he says to "get over it", a lady responded "Oh my God, I'm not going to get over it- it happened right there", pointing towards Ground Zero. An argument then breaks out between the two. In typical leftist debating fashion, he later calls her a "racist".

UPDATE: also interviewed Imam Rauf's close friend, follower and security guard who said that funding for the mosque was coming from "Muslims around the world", and that the Imam who wants to construct the mosque doesn't have to clarify comments that U.S. policies were an 'accessory' to 9/11.

Also, people at the site of Ground Zero and Park 51 were asked their views on the mosque. Here is what they had to say.

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