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Rare Video of Black Panther Chairman Shabazz: White America "Hasn't Given Me Nothing In America"


As many of you probably have heard, despite a mainstream media blackout, the Department of Justice is being accused of dropping the black panther voter intimidation charge that occurred two years ago a polling station in Philadelphia, PA for racial reasons. Videos of the panther from the DOJ's voter intimidation case began pouring out, showing him advocating for "killing white babies", and spewing how he's "ready for war." Apparently he's not the only one. A couple of days ago, Black Panther Chairman Shabazz made his way on Russian TV and used the time to accuse Fox News of "stirring up racial fears." He issued a challenge to "right wingers" and the tea party, saying he's "ready to rumble." Shabazz was on his best behavior for the camera, Oscar worthy, when compared to his actions at closed door panther meetings. In this rare video, you see Shabazz displaying his true colors--conveniently doing the same thing he accused Fox News of doing; stirring up racial fears. He attacks "white America", saying he doesn't have to be patriotic because "white America" has "given him nothing." He even goes as far to claim it was the actions of people which led to the September 11 attacks, which "he saw coming"-- saying "the chickens came home to roost."

The double-standard rages on.

UPDATE: We've uncovered more video footage of New Black Panther Chairman Shabazz, this time praising Osama bin Laden.