Flashback: Donald Berwick Opposes Free Markets In Health Care

President Obama has officially made Donald Berwick his recess appointment to be the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. In 2008 while speaking to a British audience about why he opposes free market solutions to health care problems, Berwick essentially said we should move away from free markets and give leaders the final say. "Please don't put your faith in market forces. It is a popular idea that Adam Smith's invisible hand will do a better job at designing care than leaders with plans can do. I do not agree. I find little evidence anywhere that market forces bluntly used that is just consumer choice among a ray of products with competitors fighting it out, leads to the health care system you want and need", said Berwick.

Obama wrote the following in a press release:

It's unfortunate that at a time when our nation is facing enormous challenges, many in Congress have decided to delay critical nominations for political purposes," Obama said in the release. "These recess appointments will allow three extremely qualified candidates to get to work on behalf of the American people right away. With more than 180 nominees still pending before the Senate, it's my hope that my colleagues in Congress will agree to put politics aside and move forward on these vitally important positions.