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The Wicked Witch of the Press: Jews Need to Get the Hell Out of Palestine; Go Back To Germany and Poland


Helen Thomas, the seemingly anti-Semitic White House Correspondent who just a couple day's ago lashed out at White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs over the flotilla incident calling the Israeli response (mind you) a 'massacre', has now been caught on camera displaying her true colors once again by going for the juglar of the Jews.

When asked by Rabbi David Nesenoff if she had any comment on Israel, she said the Jews should "get the hell out of Palestine" because they're occupying the Palestinians land. In her ideal utopia, it'd be best if the Israeli's go back to Germany and Poland. At least that's the ideal utopia she speaks of.( h/t

Every time this lady get's the chance to lash out and lambast Israel, she never seizes to amaze. Congratulations, Hearst Newspapers, for your fine representation at White House press conferences.

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