Reuters Photoshops Knives and Blood out of Pictures on Gaza Flotilla

Reuters, who has been caught in the past doctoring photos from the second Lebanese war, has once again used the magic of Photoshop. This time aboard the Guerrilla Flotilla. Here is a picture that was posted in a Turkish Newspaper. Take a look at the red circle within the picture. The man holding the knife is one of the terrorists on the boat. The man on the ground is an Israeli officer. (h/t Yid With Lid)

Now, take a look at the picture that was posted within a Turkish Newspaper. Notice anything Reuters did to the picture? The knife has been cropped out of the terrorists hands. CAMERA originally contacted Reuters about the cropped photograph. The original photograph replaced the altered one.

Now onto the second picture. Here you can see a knife off to the right of the picture (as shown inside of the red box) and blood streamed along the boat just underneath it (inside of the bottom red box). The image was first discovered by Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, which was posted on the IHH website.

As for the Reuters version? The knife and blood are removed.

An IHH official stated the following which was placed in the New York Times and International Herald Tribune.
"Our volunteers were not trained military personnel," said Yavuv Dede, deputy director of the organization. "They were civilians trying to get aid to Gaza. There were artists, intellectuals and journalists among them. Such an offensive cannot be explained by any terms."
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