Mexican Drug Cartels Threaten AZ Police Officers With Snipers

Mexican drug cartels have emerged with a simple message to off-duty Nogales, AZ police officers; while off-duty, if you happen to see something fishy- don't try anything funny, because you will be the target of sniper fire. This message is in retaliation to a recent drug bust along the Nogales border. Two weeks ago off-duty officers performed a bust while riding horse back. Later, the smugglers sent the department the warning of possible sniper fire for further such actions if performed again. Nogales Police Chief Jeff Kirkham told the local ABC channel 9 that his officers can be targeted in a couple of different ways. "Basically they could be targeted as far as snipers on the other side of the border, or they could be assaulted by armed means by smugglers coming across the border." They have asked all the officers to be armed and ready at any given moment, given the scarcity of their resources. "What we ask of our officers is that if they do go out in that area that they do take precautions and that they are armed." Due to severe budget cuts, the Nogales police department lacks adequate resources to combat every threat. Kirkham also believes the threats have only just begun. "I believe the threats are going to continue, they're going to become more serious, our officers are going to be targeted."