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In 2008 Elena Kagan Joked She Doesn’t Have the Worldly Experience Required for The Supreme Court


In a new video discovered by Naked Emperor News Elena Kagan, President Obama's supreme court nominee, seems to joke that she doesn't have enough experience to be a supreme court justice:

Of course this little tid bit will merely add to the already intense debate about Kagan's qualifications for the highest court in the land. In fact, her college thesis which openly praises socialism has just come back into the conversation lately. Some say it serves to prove her radical socialist beliefs while others claim what people say in college probably doesn't reflect what they believe decades later.

For me it seems that unless Kagan has at some point denounced the socialist believes that she clearly held in college then why should we assume she doesn't still hold to those beliefs? And, frankly, we know next to nothing about what Kagan believes thanks, in part, to the white house itself blocking her from doing interviews.

This woman is nearly a blank slate (though what we do know about her beliefs is scary) and a blank slate without the judicial experience that might assuage concerns over what kind of justice she would make. It is absolutely essential that we learn the judicial philosophy of this nominee but, unfortunately, we wont be getting that through the charade that Kagan is about to be the center of and won't see how she will behave as a justice until she is inevitably confirmed as one.

In the end I'd say its safe to assume we are getting yet another liberal judge who cares nothing for our system of government or the rule of law. Instead she will continue the shredding of the constitution in the interest of social justice or compassion or sympathy or whatever other liberal code they're pushing at the time. I have no qualms in predicting this woman will rule in a way that is a disgusting affront to what the founders intended the court to be.